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How To Change Your Identity?


Sometimes when life throws us a curve ball, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed and feel a sense of hopelessness.

Often it seems as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel. You try to solve your problems the best you can, but in many cases, a typical approach just won’t suffice in order for everything to get back to normal.

There are many books available on the process of changing your identity. One common suggestion is to modify important documents like a birth certificate to get a brand new driver’s license or perhaps create a fake ID. Another idea is to create a fictitious Social Security number, none of which will work. Maybe someone could have gotten away with it a couple hundred years ago, but with today’s technological advances, such a ploy would never work. Therefore, attempting to falsify legal documents at the DMV to get a driver’s license will undoubtedly put you behind bars.

In fact, a driver’s license is not as hard to get as a new Social Security number. However, many of these kinds of books will lead you to believe that it’s simple to forge documents, create numbers or even worse, cut and paste a picture onto your current ID. The information in these books is utter rubbish. The author must not be “playing with a full deck” if he thinks people will take his advice at face value. He was likely just preying on peoples’ vulnerabilities and unethically taking their money. I once purchased a book on ‘how to change your identity’; I was shocked at the authors’ suggestions because it was so far-fetched.

Why waste your time and energy on a book that offers no help to you whatsoever and will eventually lead you down an even worse path? However, I know of a book that offers a knowledgeable in-depth guide and provides groundbreaking techniques that are 100% valid in today’s world – and I can tell you exactly where to get it.

Indeed, you can get a fresh identity and wipe the slate clean without obtaining a driver’s license or birth certificate. Still, getting what you want can take some time, particularly if you wish to live a normal and legal life. To recap – modifying or falsifying your important legal documents is not advisable and is completely absurd.

There exists a book called “Change Identity Bible” by Peter Bergmann. I read it in four weeks and immediately took action given the information. Subsequent to reading the book, I was successful at landing a job, renting a home, and purchasing a new car as a result of my new identity, using 100% legitimate tactics.

Yes, it took a bit of effort on my part to live anonymously and legally; but despite everything, it was totally worth it.

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  1. Sarah says

    I’m of Russian origin with natural Serbian nationality due to my family’s long history in Serbia. I still have that nationality and intend to keep it.

    Unfortunately I was born in another country. On its own this means nothing, but my family forced me to assume that nationality and in the process badmouth my culture. That assumed nationality is bad enough, as I had no reason to assume it and have had many problems because of it. But the worst part is that I had to lie about hating my roots.

    I’m omitting the name of that country for the sake of neutrality. My distaste for it is based on my family’s actions.
    But simple minds will often lump one in with a country for purely circumstantial reasons. This is why I want that country removed from my ID.

    I realize that using that method in the Change ID Bible might not enable me to discard that false nationality (though I might still be able do it based on the Serbian one). But at least it would enable me to negotiate life in the US on my terms and look forward.

    I’ve been a long-term US resident for half my life. I’m legally entitled to their passport. I’ve even consulted a lawyer to have that one detail adjusted. But apparently without a severe enough danger to qualify officially for a new identity, this is next to impossible. Sometimes one can submit one’s case to a judge. It may or may not be granted. But this is pretty much a gamble.

    This has led me to your method of obtaining a delayed US birth certificate. I’m married with a American surname which would help further. The Change ID Bible really helped me a lot in my situation.

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