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Nowadays, more and more people get ‘New Identity.’ With the hopes of walking away from the not so good baggage’s of the old identity.

With the new ID, it allows you to get a brand new life with a new name and new identifications of your new individuality. Read below to learn protecting your identity and continue to live life as a new person. Upon presenting your birth certificate, there are clerks that have a neat little trick that you should be aware of. They’ll hold the birth certificate aside where you can’t see it and then ask you to recite your full name, your parents name and their birth dates. You should memorize this information and so to be prepared of this sneaky scheme.

When your new identity is created, keep it an absolute secret. You should trust no one! Sharing this secret is a risky thing to do as anyone who knows will use it against you and they can easily expose you. Oftentimes, you may be tempted to brag a bit about this new whole thing. But hold it and don’t give in to temptation; it will “blow your cover.”  You cannot simply loosen up and be secure in your new life unless it’s a complete secret. Keeping your old identification in your wallet is an unwise thing to do. A lot of law enforcers now routinely go through the wallet or purse of those that fall into their hands. And if they happen to find two sets of ID with different names, they’ll suspect that you’re a wanted criminal. Keep away your old identity documents and put them in a safety deposit box where it’s only you who knows where you hide it. Where ever you go and whatever you do, don’t carry anything with you that connect you back to your old identity. When you have documents in multiple names it can get you arrested in some cities. It would also be best to carefully inspect your residence to be sure that there’s nothing lying around that would pin point to your old identity. Be extremely sure that your wallet or purse is totally free of anything with your old name on it.

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You should never transfer your records from one name to another in any of your subscriptions from your old identity, like your magazine subscription. This will construct a public and permanent link between the old you and the new you. Instead, let old subscriptions drop and then make a new subscription later using your new name and address. Many people turn to be greedy and run up their credit card debt by the time they force to abandon their old identity. Or worst declared their selves dead and then have a relative to claim on their life insurance. This is illegal. When authorities sense fraud or it involved big amounts of money, experience investigators will be looking for you and mind you these guys are not going to give up after a few months.­

  1. Aslam says

    Whatever you do, don’t tell anybody about your new identity because you don’t want even one any connection between the old and the new id. And do read this book changed id bible, it has so much information which will save your life someday.

  2. Jenkin says

    Keeping your old identity an absolute secret is very important, even a slight slip can lead to cover blow especially when people are looking for you. Can say this from experience… So be very careful.. Thanks!

  3. Kaveliri says

    There’s a myth that you can get your kids away from the abuser by fleeing and changing your names. But the reality is changing a child’s name is very difficult, especially if the abuser is the child’s parent. Changing the names and SSNs of children may also be prohibitive.

  4. Ketan777 says

    Contact banks, utilities, department store credit cards, phone companies, etc., to place a new or extra password on your account. (Be sure not to use your mother’s maiden name or the last four digits of your Social Security number or information the abuser can easily guess.)

  5. Joker45 says

    Block online and automated telephone access to your SSN (

  6. Indiana says

    Contact the three major credit bureaus to place a security freeze on your credit (,,

  7. Willy says

    Check with a local domestic violence service provider to see if your state has an address confidentiality program. This is very important.

  8. Suresh says

    You should Google yourself from a safe computer (at a public library or friend’s house) to find out what information about you is already in the public domain.

  9. Hajari says

    Oftentimes, people are often tracked through friends and family, not their social security number.

  10. Audrey says

    I want to change my identity because I am one of 2 witnesses who saw a crime happening, where a robber almost slaughtered a lady to get money. I am pretty sure there are people looking to track me down.

  11. Diana says

    I have so much debt, I just don’t know what to do. I really have to change my identity as I don’t see a way out because the peoples who gave me debts are looking for me all around the world

  12. Maddy says

    I have this Debt problem which chases me like a disease, I need a new identity for myself to get rid of this hell. Last but not least, it is a good topic to discuss.. Thank you guys!…

  13. Harry says

    Thanks for the wallet tip, I by mistake had been carrying my old driving license, never gave a second though to it. But now I see your point, will be more careful. Thanks!

  14. Jacob says

    Yup, I completely agree, but it’s easier said than done. I think the first step should be mental preparation. Because even minor mistake can create big problems for you in future. It’s better if you think your old identity was just a bad dream and start preparing your mind into forgetting the old. That’s the only way you can protect yourself from unconscious slip outs. Always worked for me.

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