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Changing Your Identity And Location Due To Accumulation of Heavy Debt


Debt is simply defined as something owed and while the term debt is usually used in reference to money though sometimes it could be that an individual owes goods or failure to render a particular service to someone that might have paid for it.


Debt could either be public debt, sovereign debt, internal debt or external debt; while all of these concerns the government, there are also debts that an individual can incur personally such as money borrowed from fellow individuals, loan from banks or government agencies or it could be in form of a gambling debt. People tend to incur gambling debts when such an individual is interested in going to casinos and gambling frequently which usually tends to cause a lot of problems for such an individual in the long run.

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Gambling debt is particularly tricky in the sense that it is easy to incur due to the availability of credit cards and even creditors in the casinos which then provides a platform for the debt to accumulate and then such an individual is unable to pay up as a result of this. It then leads to a situation whereby the creditors begin to look for such an individual so that they can make them pay up their debt and if they are not able to do so, such an individual can either be maimed, killed or their family members held to ransom.


This is why sometimes individuals that get into this situation try to change their identity so as to give them a fresh start with no debt accrued to them whatsoever; furthermore there are cases in which the individuals have to travel out particularly to countries with no extradition law – this is where the creditors might then be forced to get across to the family members in a bid to get their money back.

Something similar happened to me about some years ago, there was a period of my life in which I had a gambling problem so to say, I went to casinos from time to time placing bets and playing cards. Sometimes, I won in games and I lost; a period then came that I felt I was close to winning big but then I was losing, I lost to the point where I had used up all my savings and started borrowing money in order to gamble promising to pay back once I win.


But unfortunately, it was like I was on a losing streak until I realized I was not going to win after which I stopped but it was too late because I was already in so much debt and the creditors were already knocking at my door. Realizing that there was no way out, I consulted my friends and one advised me to change my identity and flee the country to one of the Asian countries due to since there is no extradition.

So I made my findings and discovered that Cambodia was available for such, I then packed the little I had, changed my name and details and then faced Cambodia.


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