How To Start Over

Credit Card Debt


It was a beautiful morning that day, the birds were chirping and children playing outside on the sidewalks in that big concrete bowl called a city.

I had been awake all night lying in bed and wondering what I would do that next day. It had finally crept up on me, the day that I had pushed to the side and dreaded for so long.debt

The day that everything would come crashing down. The day stamped in big red letters across that Foreclosure letter that had been hand delivered only a month earlier.

I had gone so far into debt trying to fit into everyone’s idea of what the American Dream was that I lost sight of what mine was. I had truly wanted to be out where concrete and cement were nowhere in sight and to own my own place and work for myself there on that place. No debt, no prying stuck up neighbors. Then it hit me, I would just up and go, after all what was stopping me?

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I put everything I thought I needed into a backpack and left. Anything that could tell of what my past was, and who I really was got left on the counter in a box simply marked “Gone”. I took all the cash I had, which amounted to a mere $78.00 but it would be enough to get me somewhere. I managed to walk as far as possible before climbing in with some wonderful strangers willing to give me a ride.

A few hours later I was in a small town shop eating a burger and staring out the windows at the mountains in the distance. It was such a beautiful sight. Walking out I saw a sign on the door, one scribbled out in pen that read, “Needed, live with a new identity in farm, possible work off on small patch of farm and cabin in exchange for the work on our place. Must be able to work long hours and not afraid of dirt.” this was the perfect opportunity. I jotted down the address on the palm of my hand and off I went asking directions as I walked.

After a few miles and another nice stranger ride down a windy mountain road there it was in front of me, the place I would forever call home from this moment on. Able to start anew with a completed different identity, no debt, no past, only a future. I walked up and introduced myself as best I could without telling who I really was.

I told them I had ran from a bad situation and was looking to start over and wanted nothing to do with my past and being the type of people they were the couple simply nodded their heads and pointed to the barn and then to the little cabin off in the distance.

I then realized that I had done it, I had escaped with a new identity from what many get dragged down by and no one would ever know who I really was. I had changed my identity and my life for the better and forever.

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