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Debt Made Me Change My Identity


It has now been two years since my business collapsed. Google just suddenly banned me one day, and that was that.


The business had been going along really well. I was engaged to be married, and I had just recently purchased myself a new car. Life was grand.

Then, WHAM!!! In an instant, everything changed. My income completely disappeared. I tried talking to the bank manager. He was a nice guy, seemed to care. But at the end of the day, as he reminded me, he was just doing his job.

Within a few months of things ending, the bank came knocking on my door. I still owed them $225k, and it was gaining interest daily. We did eventually come to an agreement though, which was better than nothing.

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The company I had purchased my car through were also looking for their money. Eventually, they repossessed the car. However, they only valued it at $15k, when I had paid $35k for it. So I still owed them $20k, so they claimed. But who was I to argue? It wasn’t like I had the money, whether

I owed them $20k, or just $5k. Then, about six months after THAT email, my fiancee decided that she had had enough, and walked out on me. Taking with her the $15k ring that I had put on HP as well. Another debt that I had thought was under control. Once my now ex finacee moved out, I couldn’t afford to pay the rent, so moved back in with my
parents. Rather embarrassing for a 28 year old. But better than being on the streets. Because I had eventually come to an agreement with the bank, I didn’t have to declare bankruptcy.


At least they were more helpful than the car company. My parents paid off the car and the ring. I was grateful for that. But now I just owed them money instead. About 12 months after THAT email, I finally managed to get myself a job. It was only paying $10 per hour, and was only 20 hours per week, but I guess that was better than nothing.

I started to pay the bank some money. By this time, my debt had ballooned out to $250k with them. I could afford to pay them back at $50 per week. But that wasn’t even paying the interest. So I wasn’t actually making any head way on my debt. It just kept on getting higher and higher.

I was starting to get really desperate. I didn’t know what I was going to do about everything. One day though, I had an idea. Maybe I could change my identity. I spent weeks dreaming about how I could go about this.


The first thing I needed to do was to get a fake birth certificate and licence. Once I had my knew ID sorted, what should I do? Should I fake my own death? Would I tell my parents what I was planning? It didn’t seem fair for them to think I’m dead, when I’m really not.

Especially after everything they had done for me. Should I maybe change how I look too? Also, how would I survive. If I faked my own death, I wouldn’t have a job, and I wouldn’t be able to live with my parents still.There were all these questions that I didn’t know the answers for.

I spent hours trawling the internet to see if other people had tried this. In the hopes that any who had, would share their experiences.

However, after several days of looking, I became a little disheartened. I guess these people don’t want others to know their secrets.

Just as I wouldn’t want others to know my secret too. It was highly frustrating. But I vowed not to give up until I came up with a valid idea of how to make this work. Nothing else was working, was it?!


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