How To Start Over

Desire when turns into greed can ruin your life

It has never been an easy time for Sharon since she has left her family and is on the run to save her. She did not know what to do or how to end this debacle that had turned her life upside down.


Her only fault was that she had believed in her colleagues and partners before staring the venture and expected them to help her when there was a need.


Having started her career as a brand image executive, she was lucky to move up the ladder in a much shorter time than usual and has always got appreciated for her work. When people suggested that she is capable of running her own consultancy firm, she gave it a thought and finally ventured into it. Along with a few friends to back her decision, she started her company and tried taking it ahead with people with whom she had worked earlier. She alongside, wished to earn more clients and decided to create her own brand image. Herein, she needed to create her company and work portfolio and make it sound as big as it can be. At that time she never thought that she would consider changing her identity one day.

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She took a loan from a bank to get her extravagantly creative portfolio done and bag in more clients. More clients meant more work and more money. The desire to make it even bigger made her double up her loans. While she tasted success with a few of the clients, her greed made her overlook the power of meeting the other clients’ demands and the situation started getting worse as it turned out to look too much on her plate.

She was now losing her clients and the paying of the debts became impossible. Loss of clients resulted in many people doubting her skills as a manager and delay or cancellation in payments. When all her clients gradually moving out, she was left with nothing but a huge loan on her head to clear and with very little money to survive. Her efforts of asking her friends for help did not work since it was a big amount to clear. She felt she has hit a dead end, she felt identity change could be her only way to escape the challenges she was facing.


Continuous reminders from the bank prompted her to sell off her belongings slowly and bring herself in a situation where absconding seemed to be a better idea. She left the city unannounced and used her skill-set of creating new fake identity for herself. She believed that it might work but it did not.

That change of identity can solve all the problems is a complete myth. It does not make anyone a new person. The person remains the same with only a new name. Yes, it is easier to create fake documents for the new identity but there are many things that can prove the person fake. Due to strict laws from the court and security measures, many of the states and countries do a thorough check about a person and then issue new set of documentation. For Sharon, it was her company statements and other confidential details that revealed her true identity in a couple of months. Appealing to the court to start afresh and to grant her time to repay her loans, Sharon was asked to work as an employee and in multiple places and keep paying the debt as regularly as possible.


Her desire to change her identity got lapped in greed to earn more than what she was capable of. Growth should be a natural process and any effort taken to grow must be within the limits of the person to acknowledge it properly.

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