How To Start Over

Do People Escape Debt With A New Identity?


Kevin Porterfield is tired of all the huge debts that he is under and wants to wipe the slate clean. However, this is possible under only one condition and that condition is of Kevin returning the money to the concerned money lenders or agencies whatsoever.


Kevin is not the only person who is suffering from this fate and there are many such who just wish that somehow they could either pay off every bit of the penny that is on their head or just vanish in thin air.

For Kevin and other such persons, there is a piece of good news, which is that the aforementioned line is possible. No, not the one where you are paying every penny on your head but the latter where you vanish in the thin air.

Well, officially there are many ways of doing so and one of them is changing your name and your social security number. However, even if one is able to do the aforementioned, he/she won’t be able to run off with such huge sum of money over his/her head. This clearly tells us that there is no legal way of doing it and one would have to resort to unlawful ways in order to save the day.

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For starters, one needs to have at least a decent amount of money that can buy him/her a ticket to say the Caribbean. It is very important to get off the land. Yes, with such huge debts over your head, it would be a bit difficult to get over the line but it is not impossible. Many have already done this in the past and this is for the keeps.

After you are able to go to the islands, there are a couple of things that you must do immediately. Initially, you must take the local transport and get yourself rolling to the farthest possible island. No matter how remote or exotic the locale is, it should be away from the glamorous eyes of the people and from the bling of the airport.


Secondly you need to change the way you look. If you have a dense crop over your head then you need to get it all off and get a Zen master like look i.e. go bald. Get some earrings and just change the entire way you look. Next in line is to bury your identity cards and your social security card somewhere in the open and do not forget the place.

You can say that you came by boat there mistakenly and that you have lost your memory. Nobody is going to question you for a long time and with the passage of time you will get a new identity.

Suppose the new look does not work and you feel that the law is closing in on you, then you just need to get back to the old look, dig for the documents and tell the authorities that you were kidnapped and that they also looted the money you had saved for the creditors. Thus, staying cool is the only way of staying afloat.


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