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Making life better is has never been easy. But in uncertain times, many people are forced to get a different identity in order to keep their old ID hidden from the rest of the world.

If we are considering the option of changing our identity then you must be aware of the laws; that you will get prosecuted if you are caught by the police.

So you have to be extremely careful while getting a new identity as even a minor mistake can land you up in jail. Many people want to shed off their past life and change their identity in order to get new excitement in life. Many try to get out of their boring pat life; to start afresh with a changed identity. While some consider changing their old identity in order to clear up their past bad records.

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One of the most important criteria before changing your identity is that you should never leave some loans of credit card advances in your past identity. If you are keeping any of the bills unpaid, the concerned authorities will search you out by any means. Another important factor that should be done after changing your identity is that you should never tell your old identity details to anybody. It might happen in future that the friend whom you trusted and told your past secrets; might become your enemy. Then he will take full advantage of your weakness; and will make our past identity revealed to everyone. Another care that should be taken before you switch over to a new identity is that you have to keep all your records of the past identity in safe custody.

You should never carry supporting documents of two identities in your wallet. This will cause a great risk; as it might get stolen or lost in a busy market. Unfortunately if your wallet falls in the hands of the police; then you will be caught immediately by police in the charges of fake identity. It is better to keep all your documents of the past identity in locker; so that you are the only person who can access it. You should make the documents with your new name on it; so that it does not have any resemblance with your past identity.

When go to get a new birth certificate with your new name, you must be able to remember your new name, father’s name, mothers name and your date of birth. As because the presiding officer present these will cross check that you are able to recite all the data correctly and he will cover your original birth certificate in front of him. If you are successful in satisfying him by giving him the correct data; then he will issue you a new birth certificate with your name.

  1. Roger says

    I know what you’re talking about here. After you settle with your new life and then you sometimes think about your old life. What if you are about to get into a real intimate relationship and you start to wonder, should I tell her….?? Never ever tell anyone, even if you get married, that you changed your ID. It will ONLY get you in BIG TROUBLE!

  2. Audrey says

    I want to get a new identity because my husband abuses me and i feel bad and need a change urgently

  3. Avril says

    I am in need of a new identity because i saw a crime and the person who commited that crime is searching for me… I hate myself living in fear!

  4. Maddy says

    I am in need of a new identity because of wife abuses me so much and i am not able to withstand her abuse!… need a new identity asap

  5. Sheldon says

    Another thing you can’t do after acquiring your new identity, you can’t become a celebrity. You remember that movie “Days of Violence”. I think that’s a perfect movie to watch if you ever plan to drop your identity.

  6. Hardy says

    New Identity has become the order of the day for everyone!…. Hope that everyone starts a new life with a new identity!

  7. Peter says

    Hi everyone I am a journalist and I am currently interested in writing an article about ppl who are in need of a new identity!…. Catch me @ [email protected]… Waiting for you emails

  8. Maddy says

    New identity is the only thing that I am in need of!…. need things to Change! Need ‘veryone to be happy

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