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Status Anonymous: Your Guide To Living Under The Radar


Have you ever just felt overwhelmed with the way our society operates? Are you tired of the constant surveillance and being tied to a fictitious corporate version of yourself?


Since you’re reading this article we can faithfully assume that your answer is yes to one or more of the above questions. Frankly, in this day and age, you would really have to be living under a rock to not notice the constant surveillance in our current society.With that said, there are things you can do to minimize or even nearly eliminate your corporate footprint and live a free life under the radar.

What defines my corporate identity?

As an individual living in modern society, you are assigned two separate identities. The first of which would be the actual you; the physical flesh and blood living being. The second identity would be the corporate, fictitious version of yourself that you are assigned the moment that your parents sign your birth certificate.

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Think of your social security number as your corporate identification number; you use it when you want to purchase a vehicle, open a bank account, when you acquire a driver’s license, when you are arrested, and so on. Everything that happens to you in our legal and financial system is tied to this number and corporate identity that basically tracks everything that you do.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that their corporate identity is one and the same with their actual identity, but truth to be told, this is only what society wants you to be believe. This false identity is only a piece of paper that is supposed to represent you, but can only do so if you agree to be represented. With that stated, you can avoid such incorporation in the system with enough wisdom and effort. Today, we will impart unto you some of the ways that you can break free from the constant surveillance of your corporate self.

Where do I start?

Making the change to a free, under the radar individual will take a lot of effort and quite a few lifestyle changes. Let’s begin with saying this. Take everything that you are comfortably relying on right now and throw it out of your life.


STEP 1: Communication

Do you use a cell phone? Of course you do! Every conversation you have ever had on your phone is recorded and is part of some huge database somewhere, ready to be used against you if needed. What do you do? Well, you need to get rid of your big corporation cell phone. Instead, purchase a prepaid phone that doesn’t require you to divulge your identity upon purchase. Turn it off and take the battery out when not in use so that cellular triangulation is not used to track your location.

You will also want to be careful with what you speak of when on the phone, while using a “burner” phone will help you to remain more anonymous, it also isn’t completely fool-proof and you can still put yourself in danger of being tracked. Also, it is best practice to rid yourself of the burner phone and utilize a new one every few months. This will help you keep your anonymity safe since your form of contact does not stagnate.

Lastly, this should go without being said, but you must not divulge any personal information as that will defeat the purpose of having the burner phone.

When it comes to using the internet, utilize the Tor web browser to encrypt your IP address, and Bitlocker software which will encrypt your entire hard drive so your data will not be accessible if your computer is stolen. When using your social networking accounts, you can say things like “can’t wait to move to Alaska” when you really intend to move to North Carolina, this will help in masking your location by throwing people off.


STEP 2: Travel

Transportation is perhaps the hardest thing to adapt to when attempting to live outside the scope of your corporate identity since most forms of it require you to divulge your personal information. It is best not to have any vehicles registered under your name, but if you do own a vehicle, make sure not to use one with OnStar or GPS capability, also avoid toll transponders as that will be used to track you as well. If you decide to use the bus instead make sure to pay with cash.


STEP 3: Finances

You will absolutely need to get rid of any financial accounts that you have. Close your bank and credit accounts because those are used to track your spending, what you buy, and where you buy it. It is known that they’ve even used spending records to catch criminals. Instead, use cash for every transaction.

Work for yourself or for small-time companies with a small footprint and switch jobs frequently. Ask if you can be paid in cash since you don’t have any bank accounts, this will help you avoid the flawed tax and debt system, which will keep you under the radar.

STEP 4: Aliases

Aliases can be used to further mask your identity, obviously this particular part of the solution is a little more legally questionable, but since the whole point is to remain under the radar, as long as you follow everything else listed then you will be well on your way to freedom.

Always give out an alias or false name when asked, do not give your legal name. It is also recommended that you do not openly break any laws so you aren’t involved in the legal system. Maintain as little friends as possible, keeping only a tight circle of people that you know you can always trust.

STEP 5: Conclusion

The main idea here is to use logic in your everyday activities, if something requires you to give up information to acquire or to take part in, then most likely that is something that you will need to avoid.

For example, if you are to purchase a firearm, some requirements must be met. By law, you are required to register your firearm and provide your personal information. Do not sign up to vote, sign up for the military or anything that requires you to have security clearance as they perform extensive background checks on candidates of such positions.

With just a little bit of smarts and simple living principles, as well as the tips provided in this article, you can gain the skills needed to live separate from your corporate identity. For as long as you do not feed into it, then it will not be able to consume you.


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