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How To Disappear Without A Trace


It has come to my attention that the execution of a disappearing act from one’s contemporary life takes a lot more effort than most people realize. There are two ways of executing this.


There are those who in the heat of the moment run on their emotions; they just hastily pack up a few things and storm their way out of their homes. Then there are those that take time, could be days, months; to carefully come up with a disappearance plan that has at least a 75% of success. I am sure by now you’re starting to see the weight that disappearance actually holds.

Should I leave my current home, where am I headed next? Where am I going to live? What am I going to be doing? These are a few questions that paint a picture of the whole idea of the importance of planning a disappearance. Evidently, the premise of a good disappearance is foreseeing the subsequent events. Planning takes time. You need time to put all factors into consideration.

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Am I going to be caught? This is one of the questions you need to give some thought to. You need to ensure that your past doesn’t follow you. Therefore you have a duty to minimizing all traces of you. This begins with your social life. You need to slowly pull out of your social associations. In this current age, most people connect through social media. Your first task is to gradually reduce your involvement in any form of social media to a level zero. What comes second is to dissociate from any physical socialities such as events, gatherings, parties, even your job. The aim is to weaken all sorts of social recognition. It is better to do it this way than just suddenly cutting of ties. The end product of this is that when you do disappear it will not raise any heads. No questions will be asked cause as no one will even notice your absence. A sudden approach just draws attention and causes suspicion.


How are you going to survive in the succeeding life? This question carries a lot of factors with it. To survive you need to ensure you have enough financially speaking to see you through. After all, you do need money to get to a completely different place. You need money to fend for yourself in that place; there are all those basic necessities. Furthermore to minimize your traceability you need to get comfortable with the fact that you will then need to ensure you only use cash. You need to stay away from monetary aids such as credit cards, loyalty cards, convenience cards and any other form of payment that could give anybody looking for you a tracking scent of you.

You need to also put into consideration whatever assets or property you will be leaving behind. You can create a legal entity to manage all these assets to ensure their security and continuous productivity. This should be a legal entity that you can delegate all your responsibilities to without there being a connection between you and the entity.


Conclusively, this is just a brief overview of how to disappear. There is more to it; I would refer you to a few books such as Ahearn’s book how to disappear or Vanish without a trace. If you are in contention of the whole idea of disappearance they will be of help or you can simply take a look to satisfy your reading interests.

There are many reasons that people choose to vanish but from an overall point of view, it’s all on a basis of starting a new life. In my opinion, it’s all about reinventing your whole existence. One question still remains. Is your motivating factor worth all the effort?

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