How To Start Over

How To Live Below The Radar


More people than ever decide to escape ‘big brother’ and live below the radar. 

Nowadays it’s quite difficult to live your life without the interruption of government, here are some tips through you can survive below radar:

  1. below-the-radarAlways pay cash and if you are using credit or debit card use anonymous credit
    card, as its registration or billing details are not relating to you directly.
  2. Make secure and unique online appearance; always use encrypted software’s while contacting people through emails. Don’t do those things on internet that highlight you and make small use of social networking as it may be the biggest cause to uncover you previous identity.
  3. Some countries and cities allow prepaid mobile connections where you don’t have need to register your name and address. Never give your contact number to anyone who know you and if you make call to any of your relative or loving one by mistake, discard Sim cards immediately and apply for another one from different shop or through online.
  4. One of the biggest reason that someone find out you is you ATM  transactions detail so try to minimize swapping of your ATM card as possible and use ATM machine of different locality
  5. Living simple life keep away you from being highlighted you, so live simple life and avoid social events to keep yourself below radar.

  1. You can live as diplomat in this result you in exempt from tax in your country of residence from all income earned outside of the nation. Some countries like one of two stable Southern African (but not South Africa) nations allow you to become a registered officially consulate and you can receive immunity from the governmental forces. This won’t help you with secrecy; it does help you with prevention of the law and legal regulation.

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  1. One of the best ways of becoming an independent individual: An eternal tourist keeps his investments in income tax havens and then travels the world spend as much time as is necessary to avoid becoming official resident anywhere. These types of tourists are mostly treated better than residents and you can choose to live in nations that exactly match the way of thinking.
  2. Always try to prepare legal documents like driving license, passport, identity card of that nation or city where you are presently living as it helps you to prove you permanent residence of the same nation.



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