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How To Live Under The Radar – So No One Finds You


There are many reasons why a person would wish to change identity and live under the radar.


They could be victims of abuse or identity theft. They could also be running away from skip tracers and bail bondsmen. In the past, paper tripping was a popular way to get a completely new identity. It involved searching a cemetery for a dead infant who was born around the same time as you and creating a new identity by ‘resurrecting’ him. The infant must have died before he was old enough to file for a social security number. However, in this age of computer records, this practice cannot help you create a new identity, as the name will be linked to the dead infant’s records.

So how do you create a new identity? The best way to completely erase your current identity is with the government’s help. However, you can legally change your name and social security number under certain circumstances. To completely change your identity and start a new life, you may also need to move away and choose a new profession. You may even have to create a different persona by changing your accent or learning a different language.

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However, before you actually go anywhere, you need to cover you tracks to make sure nobody can find you. The following are some of the things you should do, as well as things to avoid in order to disappear completely and live under the radar.

Avoid drama

Your disappearing act should involve as little drama as possible. Police dogs, police chases and helicopters or a statewide search is not a good disappearing formula. Disappear in a legal manner and carry as little as possible. Make sure you hide your identity in such a way that it is too tasking for anyone to find you.

Reduce social appearances

Before leaving, start reducing your social commitments and cutting social ties. Close major social media networks and go quiet for a while. When people ask, tell them that you have a lot of work and social media is distracting. Staying low before leaving makes it more difficult for people to notice or care about your absence once you are gone.

When disappearing and starting a new identity, you may have to cut social connections with family. This is usually the hardest to do. Unfortunately, calling a family member is the easiest way for people to find you, as those looking for you can easily trace the phone call. If you wish to communicate with family members, use anonymous email accounts, and never talk to them using a phone number that is linked to your new address.

Use cash as much as possible

It is very easy to trace a person’s whereabouts by tracking their purchases using their credit cards. Therefore, ditch the plastic and start paying with cash. This ensures that your location and your activities are untraceable.

Lie, Lie, Lie

Even the littlest information about you can send a skip tracer your way. While preparing to disappear, start altering information about you to confuse anyone who may come searching for you. Change your mailing address to a fake mail drop and “correct” the spelling of your name in various online accounts. Confuse the people who may come looking for you by creating false leads, so that they waste their time in the wrong places.

Change your name

Changing your name is completely legal and very common. The procedures vary by state. Typically, you have to file a petition requesting a change and stating your reasons. The court will run the petition in the county organ every week for one month. If no one objects to your name change, you will be asked to pay a fee before your name is officially changed. You will then be given an official document so that your name can be changed everywhere else, including your driver’s license, bank account and credit cards.


Changing your social security number

Changing your social security number is more difficult, but it is also legal and possible. You may have to prove that you have been a victim of identity theft and that you have exhausted all other avenues to stop the thief. You can also prove that you are a victim of domestic violence and you want to start over. Otherwise, it may difficult to get a new social security number. Getting a new number also creates a bureaucratic mess, because all your records and credit history will remain linked to your old social security number. However, if you plan to move away and start your life afresh, this is not a big deal.


An easy way to make sure no one ever finds you is to create a corporation. This corporation handles your affairs, and is vaguely linked to you in a way that does not set any alarms. This corporation handles your finances, pays your utility bills and leases your apartment. It therefore acts as a shield between you and the people looking for you, making it harder for them to find you.


Creating a new identity requires a lot of effort and commitment. To make sure that your disappearing act is a success and that people cannot find you after you are gone, you need to plan your escape very carefully.

You may have to cut contact with the people you know and change your habits. The goal is to run away long enough to outlive the people chasing you.


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