How To Start Over

How to Start a New Life with a New Identity and Escape from Your Creditors


Getting overburdened with debt is not a good situation and you may be put in such a situation either due to a mistake committed by your credit rating agency or may also be due to your own making.


When this happens you are in a vicious circle and it is really bad as it is nearly impossible to come out of it in an easy way. When the mental burden and forcing circumstances become too much for you to bear, you have to decide for a workable solution to escape from this situation. One viable way is to change your identity and start a new life at a far off new location where there is nobody to recognize and haunt you.

Though it may seem an easy to accomplish way to get away from pestering creditors it is not an easy one as the whole world is well connected with various types of data links. This makes it really difficult for a person to completely disappear from one place and start afresh at another. But still it is not impossible as there are ways to achieve what you want with careful planning and meticulous and patient actions. You must have the resources and time to deal with many governmental agencies and convince them in your favor of losing your old identity and start a new one.

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When you have decided to change your identity it is necessary to change your name first and there are ways to do this legally. Your local government has the rules and regulations to do this and you have to follow them scrupulously and make them believe that you are in one of the situations where it is necessary and legal for a change of name as per the law of your state or county. When there is no objection for your application to change your name you can get your name changed in the official records and you can change your name in your bank documents, driving license, Insurance, Social security etc.

Once you have done this it is now possible to change your social security number and you have to apply to the Social security administration office to get this. In the USA if you are affected by domestic violence or have been a victim of identity theft you will be given a new social security number, and once this is done you are nearing your dream of creating a new identity.


But do not forget that you have to face a lot of difficulties and will be subjected to lot of adjustments in your new environment like finding a good job, or moving for loans or undertaking financial transactions without a credit standing or a credit report in your new name. You have to put up with many bureaucratic problems when you are called upon to deal with Government agencies based on your new identity.

Still this can be achieved and you can start a new life and escape with your creditors and live a happy life being free of debts and pressing demands from your creditors.


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