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Is It Possible To Ever Escape Debt?


Being in debt is normal in life and everyone has some debt to settle. But when someone has a lot of debts and there is not money to settle them it becomes an issue.


The debts are caused by many factors and sometimes loss is usually due to many problems for example the borrowing of money when the economy is doing well and you lose. Also life style and peer pressure may influence our spending and when we spent more than we can afford we may end up borrowing more than we have. Although it may seem impossible some people are thinking on how they can change their identity just to escape the debts that they are facing.

Identity chang

Is it possible? There are many cases of people who have lived their lives as different people from their real identity. Some are discovered while some are never discovered and although there are many legal cases where people are allowed to change their names. Debt is not one of the legal reasons for identity change.

Names Changing

The first step that someone needs to do is to change their names. By simply changing your name, this is not the solution because a trail of your previous identity will always be there. When you decide to change your names do not use the electoral office or inform any bank since it will leave a place for the people you owe to trace you.

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You need a financial institution for your money and when you change your names this are very sensitive to the banks. You need to start work that pays in cash when you change your history. This will mean that you not get a loan from the banks since they do very extensive and thorough backgrounds checks. And thus you may be forced not to every work with any financial institution when you change your identity to escape debts.


After changing your identity you will change how you live since you may be forced to constantly change where you live. This is to ensure that no one can locate you easily. This will really affect not only your life but the life of your family. Have a stable home is very good for growing children and changing your identity will later come to haunt you in life.



When you have changed your identity you may likely not get a permanent job especially in the government institutions. This is because they will require your academic testimonials and the referees. You will have to be working in the casual jobs that are seasonal or you open your own business. And even in the case of business you may still not be very effective entrepreneur due to the limitations that may arise.

Is it worth it?

Changing your identity may seem like the right choice when you are desperate for a way out.

However, the long term challenges and disadvantages are too many. You will lose your freedom, your stability and even social life. You will be forced to live like a fugitive in your own home.

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