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Our Surveillance Society – How To Escape


Are you fed up by the constant surveillance from the government as well as the entire global community? It is obvious that the government no longer cares about the kind of information they collect about you.


Thank God your mind is your private property, otherwise these intruders would not mind listening in on what runs through it. Our leaders have taken over our independence as well. Unfortunately not even our precious votes can get us our freedom back.

Below are quick tips to help you ensure very little information about you is available out there and therefore help you avoid being tracked.

1. Stay away from the internet

You will have to go back to the analogue style of life. The government, data mining sites and even people you do not want to be a part of your life can easily trace you if you constantly use the internet. Completely refrain from running social media accounts. Do not bank or shop online and avoid sending emails as they can always be read by third parties. If you must use social media then try and upgrade your privacy settings.

2. Wipe out all information that can act as a link to you

Use of credit cards can make tracking you a walk in the park. So try and use cash all the time. Also just the mere use of a computer can leave tons of information about you to the public. If you do not shred and even burn some documents people may get your address through them. It would be worth it even if you spend money to ask data mining sites to wipe out all these information on your behalf.

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3. Consider using a mail drop

It is possible for the government to use a mail box that is registered under your address to track you. To avoid this, get the services of companies that can create and manage a private and secure mailbox for you.

4. Adopt a simple lifestyle

The government will not be bothered to come after you if you seem to have nothing. Owning many things attracts huge tax responsibility and when you pay tax the government will know everything about you. Just avoid things that have to with the government. For example

– Tap into solar power and avoid using government provided electricity

– If you have to pay tax then let a professional handle everything on your behalf

– Use your car less often and always ensure the GPS device is disabled

– Have an unpredictable routine. Do not have the same schedule of activities the whole week. Instead confuse people by being where they do not expect you to be at a given time.


5. Do not have a permanent residence (be a tourist)

This can help you avoid being tracked down to any state or country. Have all your investments scattered all over the world. You can then travel to a given location, stay for a while then move elsewhere.

6. Invest in an anonymous credit card

Sometimes you can’t just avoid credit card purchases, this is where an anonymous credit card comes in handy. However you need to take caution with these cards, anyone can use them due to their lack of identity.

7. Get yourself a disguised passport

Camouflaged passports are made and bear the residence of a country that does not exist. Interestingly, you can even get a driver’s license to compliment the fake passport.

Additional tricks to help stay under the radar

– Always encrypt your emails so that only the people they are intended for can see and read them.

– Get rid of your computer hard drive, get a new one and encrypt it

– Hide your IP address.

– Use prepaid phones

– Cancel any bank accounts under your name.


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