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Reader’s Stories: Never Change Your Identity Illegally –


So there I was sitting in solitary thinking about what I did. Using those fake documents for getting a new identity was not smart. I knew I would be in the hole for 14 days so I better spend my time wisely. It was a first offense but the Chomo deserved it.


He was trying to prey on a weaker inmate and I laid the mother***er out. Let’s just say the pervert will be eating soup and milkshakes through a straw for a week. I’m doing 5 years for trying to change my identity. The Chomo I punched is doing what they call a “Hamburger and fries” or twenty years for raping a young child.What kind of justice is that? They should have given him life or castrated hum. Hell I’ll do it for them. I will hurt more with a razor or a shank. I get to spend one hour a day out of solitary and it’s away from general population. That may be a good thing.


I hang with a gang known as the Latin Kings and they don’t take kindly to very many people. They offer me protection and I give a little something by putting things in their commissary. In prison it’s an eat or be eaten world when you’re behind these bars. You develop a second skin to look the other way sometimes.

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I’ve seen my share of Vikings ( guys who have given up and don’t bathe or change anymore) and my fair share of addicts. Some are forced to detox because of not having a daily fix. Others find ways of getting their fix. I have even seen someone “Doing the Dutch” (killing themselves) because they could no longer hack it here. it was pretty grotesque because he slit his own throat with a shank. You learn quickly that this shit isn’t a cakewalk. You accept the sentence or it takes over your entire existence.


Even the guards are crooked. They will bribe other inmates to start something with you just to get time added on your sentence or to throw you in solitary. Many of the guards are extremely crooked. Some of them are even busters, who make friends with the gang members, only to turn on them. It’s a good way to catch a cold (find someone dead or left for dead).

All it takes is a good half a yard (50 bucks) and a prison guard will get snuffed out or injured so bad he’ll transfer. Oh the wonders a sock and a bar of soap do. Snitches are the worst too. They will make your life a living hell. If they see something that they don’t like they will go straight to a corrections officer. You can’t even look at them sideways without being accused of something. A good thing to do to snitches is to add laxatives to their food. If you can get a hold of it add some liquid laxative. You could even add some illegal drugs like some Mary Jane (pot) or Mellow Yellows (LSD) and that mofo will be trippin like crazy. The guards will think he’s high and he’ll go straight to solitary.

I honestly don’t enjoy my time here but I make my best of it. Illegally changing my identity was definitely the biggest mistake I ever did. I don’t encourage anyone to come here. It’s not fun and it’s not an eye opening learning experience. Yes, you only live once…but live it above the law and enjoy life.

There’s so much more to life than drugs, gangs, violence, and prison. Sitting in a cell looking at the same 4 walls and wondering how I can change my identity when I get out, is torture.

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