How To Start Over

Top 5 Identity Change Reasons


Identity –  Have you ever given a thought about Identity? What it is and what does it relates to and how one achieves it? Identity is a fact of being who you are.


It refers to the totality of one’s self construal, which explains how one construes himself and expresses. Identity relates to individuality, personality, distinctiveness. If life is a play then identity is its director.
• Escaping Gang Life


Gang refers to an association, group or organization of two or more persons. Legal or illegal changing identity is prevalent in these groups in case of escaping the peer pressure which led them to show off what they are not. It is the reel picture not the real picture, envisaging themselves or more impressive personality.

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In order to fulfill their growing demands these gangs participate in variety of anti-social activities like robbery, larceny, murder, sexual assault damage to property.

• Witness protection program


These are the programs initiated by the state of the country generally to protect the witness of cases. Witnesses are being provided with new identity. It usually includes a social security cord, driver’s license, school record, job history, birth certificate, fake credit histories. These programs protect the lives of the people who stand against the crimes like drug traffickers, rapists terrorist and so on.

• Escaping on abusive relationship


Nowadays, abusive relationship is common day to day where one partner dominates the other and causes distress to the other. The abusive can either be psychological or physically .Survivors often think that by changing their name ,social security ,numbers, address, job, they will be able to avoid abuses ,sexual assaults ,fear and violence of the dominant.

• Escaping Debt


Debt Is something that is owed and has to be paid back. Getting overburdened with debt is not a good situation. In the developing economics people are burdened with huge debts by their own mistake or any error committed by credit rating agencies. Debt blockages all the financial earning ways. The only solution left with is to escape from the current scenario and move to a new place with new identity, new job and overall new startup.

• Hiding from Law Enforcement Agencies


Cybercrime is most difficult to investigate and prosecute in comparison to most ‘real’ world crimes. It’s often possible to track down criminals by IP and by clues that they leave within the content of data. Therefore law enforcement agencies provide with the documented evidence needed.

It is evident from recent attacks in different parts of world in which various terrorist groups let the criminals to convert themselves to a particular religion and commit crime on religion grounds.


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