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Top Reasons People Choose A New Identity


We live in an internet age where hiding your identity is a daunting task not unless you have government backing.


new name and social security number from the government won’t help that much as some of your past records would be in computer systems. So, finding you might present some difficulties, but that doesn’t mean finding you is impossible.

Decades ago, before the coming of computer and internet, you can get a new identity just at the snap of the finger. The common thing to do was to take up the identity of a baby with a similar date of birth but died at an infant age. But those days are far gone. If you attempted doing the same now, authorities would swiftly catch up with you.

There are myriads of reasons why one would go for a new identity. Such reasons are very varied depending on the individual. Below is some common reason people change their identity

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Running from a sour relationship

This is mostly common with women though the men folk are not left out. Most relationships especially marriages are marred by abuse and violence in some cases threatening the life of one of the parties involved. It is much harder to walk away when the relationship has produced kids, so getting a new identity is a much better option.

Escaping such a relationship is quite a solid reason to go with an all new identity. There are however some shortcoming in adopting this method. This is because the abusive partner can still locate you no matter how far you wish to run. How may you ask? You may change your identity, but you can’t totally change your friends and family who might still know your whereabouts. Another drawback to adopting this method is it might not be easy to give your child a new identity. An unchanged identity of your child means you can easily be tracked.

Running away when in debt

People in huge debt erroneously assume they could run away from their creditors by just changing their identity. Well, it does not work that way. In a case where you acquire a new identity, a notice will be passed by the government to agencies like Internal Revenue Service (IRS), tax institutions, child support and student loan companies, notifying them of a change of identity. Such information will be used by banks and credit bureaus institution to track you down.


Hiding from Law enforcement agencies

It’s a bad idea to run from law officers by altering your identity. But there is still some ways of doing it. That would mean changing your identity through illegitimate means and staying away from the system. When I say staying away from the system, I mean no banking transaction, no travelling by air and no credit cards. That’s quite a difficult stunt to pull.

You were a victim of identity theft

Cases of identity theft are not new at all. Countless unsuspecting people have fallen victim of this fraud. If you are a victim, and the culprit is messing around with your identity thereby making life unbearable for you, the government will assist in providing you with a new one.


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