How To Start Over

Why Do People Change Their identity


People these days want to change their identities for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they built up a massive amount of debt, or they are trying to escape an abusive family.


Sounds good to become someone you have always wanted, to live your life the way you want without having to worry about those that hurt you in the past, ever doing it again.

When we are born, our identities are chosen for us, being able to change our identity gives us a feeling of freedom. Perhaps, your reason for creating a new identity does not involve a life or death situation. Some people seek to live an anonymous life for other reasons, such as escaping the law or hiding from creditors and debtors. Some people even want to create new identities in an effort to escape child or spousal support.

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The fact that you have created a new identity for yourself does not mean you will become that person. To really change your identity you must change your lifestyle to match the person you have become.

It’s possible that an ex-spouse is planning to kidnap your children and disappear themselves. Maybe a person is being stalked or maybe they just want to be a deadbeat and get out of paying child support. Maybe some people would just like to change their identity to feel like a spy, or a superhero with a secret identity.

No matter the reason, you have to be very careful how to obtain a new identity and basically become that person. There is a lot of false information on the internet these days, but with plenty of searching, and doing your homework, you can find the legal ways to do this.

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