How To Start Over

Why Does someone needs a new identity?


The simple cause of identity change is cross border entry; it has been found that 14 million people living in various families are staying illegally in the United States of America.

us-borderThe people living around the border of America come in the United States of America without proper documentation and if they get recognized they further make use of a new identity to reenter the US border.

New identity also helps legal migrants to enter in the United States again and again by simply changing their look otherwise it is not allowed for same illegal person to come America. Border cross Card is the card that allows border crossing into the US for a set period of time in a legal way. Lobbing is other main reason for identity change; lobbies support immigration reform that allows illegal immigrants to enter the United States of America and get the citizenship.

How to change your identity

New identity could be an efficient way to disappear completely but it involves steps to succeed and it is quite difficult to completely change your identity. To do this you have to go through the government assistance. You can’t change your look to escape from creditors, children support, enter illegally to any other nation, or conceal a criminal past.

Here are some of the steps through which you may succeed in adopting complete new identity.

  1. Adopt a name that indicates your ancestry is different: For instant, you can go for a name that is associated with a particular country.
  1. Always ignore family, friends and employers: Don’t tell anyone what your new name is and where you are. Delete all contacts from you mobile and avoid going around your previous residence.

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  1. Be prepared to start over from scratch: Don’t store any credit history or employment history, anyone who checks your employment or credit history is likely to find you suspicious when he finds nothing.
  1. Change your habits and body language: Drop your all old habits, hobbies and take up the new ones. You should also change your hair color and you may need to choose a new line of work.
  1. Maintain a low profile: Try to live normal life because your old identity could be made public if you are arrested, sued or attract the attention of the media.

Prevention of change identity

Most of the people change their identity for the sake of earning, business, education, etc. The entry to the United States of America or any other nation without proper documentation may lead you to trouble and you may be in basket of doubt regarding any criminal act. Some may be detained or deported back which restricts his/her entry permanently in the country.

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