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Why people change their identity?


There are hundreds of reasons involved in identity change. Sometimes; it is very difficult to understand why a person wants to change his/her identity.

However, changing identity or stealing some other identity is a crime but still some people go through it. Criminals act out of rebelliousness, desperation, and for personal profit. They all have their own purposes for changing their identity, stealing someone identity is very easy for them, and it’s crucial that you always use tactics for identity theft protection in your life or this is how they will use you.


Large number of people assumes that those who take on a new lifestyle and leave their old recognize behind are either criminals running from the law, bankrupts, lover or wives with abusive and drunk husbands. There are huge percentages of such people  in the USA who pay unscrupulous businesses money for helping people to change identity. Most of the time they never hear back from those business they were promising a new identity.

There are variety of reasons why people choose to get a new identity:

Here are some reasons why people changes identity

1. To do crime or cover up for another crime.

Many people change their identity to perform some antisocial task while others steal the identity of someone in order to cover up for a crime that they already committed. Mostly it happens in cases of cyber crime, but there are many cases where victims have been accused of real-world crimes too.

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2. To make unauthentic purchases.

Debit card and credit card information are most venerable to theft in order to purchase or making online order. In the case of a stolen credit card, the holder of the card is not aware about the purchasing until he received the acknowledgement or receipt of the purchased items from the store or bank.

3. To extort money from your family or loved ones.

One of the earliest styles of identity theft is E-mail hacking. In this way the thief will hack your account and access it on your behalf, open your e-mail and then send a call for help type e-mail message to people you’re in your contact list. This ranges from them asking for monetary help because you lost your wallet having cash, you met with accident, stranded in a foreign country without money or have been kidnapped.

A new identity can stop anyone finding you, help you get a new job, and start you on a new life where you can call all the shots. Always make sure you stay within the law. 

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